The Leading World Crisis

As we advance into an age of technology and exponential advancement humanity seems to face more threats that it causes for itself than anything else. Impending doom seems just around the corner with the brink of global war at a constant and chemicals and radiation infecting the air and oceans. Recently climate has been one of the most critical subjects in reference to the survival of humanity. While it has been a hot topic of debate for some time and whether humans are the primary cause of the rise in global temperatures, the polar ice melting alone is proof positive it is happening.


World leaders have recently taken a stand with the Paris Climate Agreement. It may, however, be too little to undo the damage. Particularly because Donald Trump made the poor decision to withdraw the United States, one of the leading generators of greenhouse gasses, from the agreement. The impact on the environment continues to become more evident.


The Consequences


The result of the increased gasses and thus temperature is having a greater impact on the planet than most people seem to realize. Everybody knows that the snow and ice melting creates a rise in ocean levels. What many fail to realize is that the surface that was once white and reflected sunlight no longer does as much. This further contributes to the rise in temperature. Not to mention what sicknesses may be frozen in the ice.


Short of land disappearing, the first thing that will begin to change with the temperature is currents, both in the water and in the air. Climate change, in fact, may have been a contributing factor in when flight QF72 encountered a loss of control with turbulence, prompting some passengers to find an injury lawyer. Rising temperatures will continue to cause disruptions.


Rising Temperatures Means Increased Turbulence

Simply put, warmer air is more active air. As temperatures go up, situations such as when flight QF72 encountered a loss of control with turbulence are likely to become more common. There are two main reasons for that. The first is that winds and air activity will be generally increased, making it more difficult for pilots to maintain control during flight. The other, however, will be able to be corrected in time. The temperature change will cause permanent changes to the air currents around the globe. While this is a sad thing to think about it is a fact that must be considered. Once experts determine the locations of these new constant air currents, pilots will be able to avoid them or even use them to their advantage. Pilots already use this technique with known currents today.


The Solution

When it comes to crashes, airlines have paid out millions in compensation. Can we achieve the same thing with carbon offsetting, by claiming what is at stake if they do not comply.

It is hopeful that in the near future incidents such as when flight QF72 encountered a loss of control with turbulence can be avoided. Commercial flight customers should not need a personal injury lawyer. Continued global efforts toward cleaner energy will decrease the rate of temperature increase and with time, it is possible that some of the damage may even begin to be repaired. It is, sadly, possible that things may never go back to the way that they were. Humans are innovative, we are sure to come up with a way to compensate for increased turbulence.

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