The cost of powering your farm equipment and accounting for other energy costs can be rather expensive. Even a modest savings could result in hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per month staying in your pocket. Increased profits may also make it easier to hire more workers or buy more equipment that is efficient and results in higher productivity. What are some ways that you can keep your electricity costs down?


Start By Assessing Your Current Energy Usage

The first step in keeping your energy usage down is to identify where you can make cuts. For example, you may learn that your equipment isn’t being properly maintained, and that has resulted in excess energy use in addition to a loss in productivity. You may also discover that the generator that you currently use is too big or too small to provide power in an efficient and reliable manner.


Finally, it may be possible to design your farm or buildings on the farm in a manner that helps to reduce energy or even collect it when it rains or when the sun is out. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your energy suppliers whether you are still getting the best available price. If not, ask for a discount or look for a supplier offering a lower price.


Opt for Diesel Generators

A portable or stationary device such as the new KOHLER petrol generator may make it possible to ensure that your equipment always has the power it needs. In fact, it may be easier to ensure that the right amount of energy is used whether your farm is at peak activity or in the middle of a slower period. Whether you use it on its own or with another power source, it may be possible to keep working during power outages.


Use Quality Diesel Engine Parts When Making Repairs

If you have a diesel generator, make sure that you are using the right diesel engine parts for the unit that you have. For instance, if you have the Kubota D902 engine, you will want to use parts for that model only. Otherwise, you could find that parts fall out, do not work properly within the machine or cause other issues that result in an engine stalling or not working like it should. If you aren’t sure how to make repairs on your own, don’t be afraid to outsource them to an independent contractor. It may also be possible to send the engine back to the manufacturer for repairs.


Look Into Solar or Wind Power Sources as Well

Diesel is a reliable power source that can keep your farm running efficiently for years to come. However, if you want to keep your electricity usage down, it may be a good idea to look into other clean energy such as wind or solar power as well. Even if it powers just a small portion of your land, it could lead to huge savings as well as make the Earth a cleaner place to live.


As a farmer, you want to keep costs down as much as possible. This can be done by increasing efficiency, which will increase productivity without increasing cost. Whether you choose to buy new equipment, repair what you currently have or look into different methods of farming, there are many options that can help you lower costs and increase profits.

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